Calgary Safety Services

Onsite or Classroom Training For Individuals, Groups And Companies
calgary safety training services

Classroom Training

We provide the most comprehensive safety training for the construction and oil & gas industry. Our courses include Aerial Work Platform Training, Fall Protection Training, Telehandling Forklift Training, Skid Steer Training, Chainsaw Training, Crane & Rigging Training and more!

calgary safety training services

Onsite Safety Training

We not only provide Calgary safety training services. We bring the classroom to your job site, with our onsite safety training and advising. Providing real world scenarios and safety training for fall protection, aerial & platform work, overhead crane rigging and other training and certifications.

calgary safety training services

Safety Programs

We’ll work with your crew and outline the potential hazards on the job site and incorporate safety protocols and programs that help prevent potential injuries. This Calgary Safety Training Service ensures the correct safety procedures, protocols are emergency response programs are in place to keep your workers safe!

In addition to our training services we also offer ACSA audits to help improve your safety programs on the job site. We’ll take an in-depth look at your company safety procedures and protocols and provide recommendations for helping to improve your companies safety record. Get more information on our safety programs, contact us.

calgary safety training services

Safety Manuals

Hayes Safety will help develop a customized safety manual that will meet the requirements of Federal and Provincial safety regulators.  Our programs are based on the ACSA standard and made to fit your individual needs as a company, which include a series of health and safety policies tailored to the hazards of your workplace.

Your custom safety manual contains standard, required information, plus your specifically-chosen information covering company safety policies, procedures, protective gear, hazard assessment, safety committees, and more. A customized binder with your company’s name and logo will present your company’s safety policies in a polished and accessible manner.

ACSA Safety Audits

In addition to our training services we offer safety audits by our certified external auditor. Our auditors are certified NCSO (National Construction Safety Officer) and help you maintain Cor Certification provided through ACSA. Thinking of hiring an external auditor? Did you know that you can now hire an external auditor to perform your internal audits? There are many benefits to hiring an external auditor, some include:

  • A new, unbiased perspective
  • Saves time and resources
  • Auditors are required to follow a set of code of ethics
  • Experience, auditors typically perform many audits per year
  • Valuable feedback and action plans

Follow this link for some information on what to do when considering hiring an auditor, click here.

Fall Protection Safety Equipment Inspections

We not only offer great safety training, but certified fall protection equipment inspections for local businesses too. Our inspectors come to your business location, inspecting your safety equipment to ensure safe operation, identify any defects or damage, and provide annual certification for various fall protection safety equipment including:

  • Fall protection harness
  • Lanyards
  • Lifelines
  • Rope grabs
  • Cable slings
  • Self retracting lifelines

Contact us for more information on our safety equipment inspections available.

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